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  Data, Delinquency and Drug Treatment: How Technology Can Aid a Juvenile Drug Court
A discussion of the web-based case management system designed for the Harlem Community Justice Center's Juvenile Intervention Court. A tool for court planners, this white paper addresses the information challenges unique to a juvenile drug court. download
The Treatment Application
The information system used by the Brooklyn Treatment Court. The Treatment Application was designed to increase the standard of accountability at the Court and to expand the information available to courtplayers about defendants and their participation in treatment. This provides Court staff with the tools they need to handle a large number of cases effectively and efficiently. download
Experiments in Technology: A Handbook for Court Innovators
A pamphlet on the use of technology at the Midtown Community Court.
Defining Drug Courts: The Key Components
A definition of drug courts and the roles that different court partners play. Available at
Drugs, Courts and Neighborhoods
A description of lessons learned by the Brooklyn Treatment Court about re-integrating recovering addicts into the community. download
Informed Decisions
A discussion of the benefits of technology in the courtroom. download
Case Management in the Criminal Justice System
How superior technology can help case managers meet challenges. Available at
Expedited Drug Case Management
A discussion about the importance of immediate court intervention and the benefits of expedited case management. Available at
Guidelines for Drug Courts on Screening and Assessment
A set of standards for drug courts governing the types of information used in clinical assessments. Available at
Drug Court Monitoring, Evaluation and Management Information Systems
The best thinking of drug court practitioners and experts on the importance of data collection and management information systems. Available at
Drug Court Clearinghouse and Technical Assistance Project Fact Sheet
The Drug Court Clearinghouse and Technical Assistance Project was established to assist state and local justice system officials and treatment professionals in addressing issues relating to planning, implementing, managing and evaluating drug court programs in their jurisdictions. Available at

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