Closely monitoring the results of the Treatment Court is essential to running a successful program. The Treatment Court system provides the data necessary to monitor program results, identify areas that need improvement and broadcast program achievements. Compliance rates with drug treatment, court appearance rates, and types of referrals for service can be generated on a regular basis. These snapshots of the Court help staff gauge what needs fine-tuning. In addition, this information can be used in conjunction with more qualitative methods such as focus groups and interviews to support an evaluation which measures the impact of the Court.  

The Urban Institute is conducting a process evaluation of the Brooklyn Treatment Court. Based on interviews with key Treatment Court staff and project reports, the evaluation will document the implementation of the Brooklyn Treatment Court program, review issues and barriers that arose during the implementation process, examine the changing nature of operations over the life of the project and provide feedback to Brooklyn Treatment Court staff about emerging operational issues. Using information gathered through the Brooklyn Treatment Court's information system, the evaluation will document key program outcomes (e.g., retention rates after one year, average time in treatment, and rates of graduation and failure).